Gay Construction Company Plans for Safety First.

Construction is an essential and strong element in the recognition and development of any civilization. We claim a share of its strong and positive history. Just the word construction, used in our company name for over half a century and in our language for over 5 centuries, traces back in various forms to ancient times. But the word safety predates it. Safety is a basic need to all people in all places at all times. Simply put, our company places safety at the forefront.

Each Worker Committed to the Safety of All Workers
Placing safety at the beginning means we are a Drug Free Workplace with regular testing of all workers. Our experienced and well trained Safety Director understands our commitment to constant immersion in new information, transfer of knowledge gained to all workers on the work site, support in implementation of that knowledge, and the need for constant leadership. It is at the forefront of his day’s work. Our work has received many awards.

Safety Awards Every Year
For 17 consecutive years Gay Construction Company’s Safety record and multiple awards stand as proof of our company’s high standards in action.  We’ve received more safety awards than the number of years on record. We feel validated in our commitment to safety education, planning, and actions on our jobsites by the numerous awards presented by the AGC (Associated General Contractors) of America as well as by our state and local association with over 18 awards reappearing in categories such as No Lost time Accidents, First Place, 200,000-400,000 Man Hours Safety, Zero Incident Rate 50,000 work hours and over, 25% or more Below Division Incidence Rates, Building Division. These awards represent our continuing success in implementing safety standards and programs within Gay Construction Company.

Gay Construction Company Safety Program
Visit the above link to view our Safety Program. Please note that it is a password protected website.
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