At first glance, Gay Construction Company looks a lot like the clients we serve. Long-established businesses, churches, schools and hospitals that support the greater Atlanta area have called on us for many years to support them through our construction services. In fact, we have served many organizations continuously for over 30 years. Our working relationships not only develop into trusted friendships, they lead us to appreciate that what is important to our clients also becomes important to us. With each new opportunity, we proceed as if we are the doctor or nurse, the charity volunteer, the business leader in the corner office, the teacher or administrator, the church congregation, the scout leader or coach. At times, we even become the worn-out 5K participant who's smiling as we support the cause of our friends.

Inwardly, Gay Construction Company remains a safe, stable platform in which we work and grow. Our team approach ensures that everyone learns, contributes, teaches, explores and as a whole, is successful. As a result, the majority of our employees have been with us 20+ years. These years of experience often lead to seeing a grandfather and his grandson working on the same project. A place that you endorse for your family is a good place to be. Working alongside people you admire and trust encourages each party to continue working hard. In turn, hard work has become a cornerstone of our company.

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Here, people matter most. We employ talented, smart and authentic people who follow through on our promises and seek to provide upfront and honest answers. Working side-by-side with our partners, we set realistic expectations, ultimately building trust every step of the way.


  • David Carl
  • Tom Gay
    Chairman of the Board
  • Brian Waite
    Vice President, Principal
  • Mark Whitney
    Vice President, Principal
  • Lee Copeland
    Chief Financial Officer, Principal
  • Marc Clift
    Project Manager
  • Tommy Herrington
    Project Executive
  • Cheston McAllister
    Project Manager
  • Phil Rutledge
    Senior Project Manager
  • Johnny Clark
    Johnny Clark
    Director of Safety
  • Luke Spooner
    Senior Project Manager, Principal
  • Stewart Teegarden
    Senior Project Manager, Principal
  • Rick Carswell
    Rick Carswell
    Director of Communications
  • Hunter Carl
    Project Manager
  • Parker Lawrence
    Parker Lawrence
    Project Manager



With a pick-up truck, a wheelbarrow and a couple of shovels, Logan T. Gay, Sr., founded Gay Construction Company in 1948. Since then, we have continuously operated as a commercial general contracting and construction management company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our early projects were principally industrial, warehouse and retail. A significant portion of the work was self-performed carpentry, concrete, masonry, light steel erection and painting.

As our reputation for quality work and on-time completions grew, the company expanded its list of clients. Some of the notable clients in the 1950’s and 1960’s were General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Co., Atlantic Steel Co. and Norfolk Southern Railroad. Work was also performed for Nabisco, Pet, Inc. and Kraft Foods.

In 1970, L. Tom Gay joined his father in the company and in 1973 became the Owner/CEO. Tom has continued to grow the company in the ensuing years, adding new project types such as education facilities, religious facilities, historic restorations and healthcare facilities.

The skill and dedication of our employees have been the foundation of our success. Tom Gay has long subscribed to the “servant leadership” management style. He has also empowered and enabled our managers and staff to work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork.

In 2017, Tom Gay put in place an ownership transition plan that changed his position to Chairman and named David Carl as President/CEO. David’s 30 years of service with Gay Construction ensures stability for our new executive management team and the firm.

Moving forward, all of us at Gay Construction are committed to building upon our collective experience, serving the needs of our clients, and continuing our culture of respect & integrity.

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For over 25 consecutive years Gay Construction’s safety record and multiple awards stand as proof of our company’s high safety standards in action. Our firm has been recognized with numerous awards for:

  • No Lost Time Accidents
  • First Place, 200,000-400,000 Man Hours
  • Zero Incident Rate 50,000 Work Hours
  • Over 25% or More Below Building Division Incidence Rates

Gay Construction has partnered with OSHA to ensure our commitment to safety extends beyond the standard protocols.

a lineup of Gay Construction awards


Year after year, Gay Construction receives awards in recognition of our performance, quality work and customer service.  In addition to receiving numerous Build Georgia Awards and Best Sustainable Practices Awards, multiple projects have been recognized by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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Committed to implementing current sustainable design practices and continuing our education, our team works with clients, designers and tradesmen to build on a balance of resource efficiency and a healthier built environment. The resulting improvements to building operations and systems performance lead to continued savings for our clients. We consistently achieve sustainable certification goals presented to us.


The people around us - colleagues, collaborators, and clients - become integral in our day to day lives. We open ourselves up to relationship building and engaging our community through volunteerism, charity participation and financial support. This attitude of compassion toward those in need reflects the consideration we demonstrate to our employees.

For us, giving on a local level has meant supporting groups such as Atlanta Mission, Boy Scouts of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, HeadStart programs, Hillside, WinShape Foundation, Winship Foundation, YMCA of Metro Atlanta, as well as the many grassroots efforts of our clients.