"Best of the Best in Sustainable Building Practices"
1st Place - Best Sustainable Building Practices, Build Georgia Awards 2009

Gay Construction Company is actively building projects for clients seeking environmentally friendly construction.

We build for today’s needs,
while keeping future generations in mind.

1st Place Build Georgia Award 2009
LEED Platinum Certification 2009 - Trees Atlanta

1st Place Build Georgia Award 2009
Tracking LEED Platinum Certification - ASHRAE National HQ

Gay Construction Company - guardian of the construction activities on the jobsite - provider of
the hands and eyes that ensure sustainable building practices - protecting your vision.


Projects are run by our professionals who are accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) to ensure an upstream approach. Our practice of sorted and recycled demolition processes, local materials acquisition, low emissions surface coverings, indoor air quality maintenance & monitoring and low impact landscaping / hardscaping contribute to a successful, sustainable strategy. Additional actions such as geothermal water source HVAC systems, solar energy, gray water reclamation, solar heated potable water, rooftop gardens and reduced emissions/dependence on global resources create financially efficient ecological results.

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